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Submitted on
October 26, 2013


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Uh… Hey there, how ya goin’?.

Would’ve been nice to meet under better circumstances, but here we are! Our lovely city is under attack by some bloody great beepin’ thing. The Great Statue just kind’ve got up and started stomping around! I’ve been able to keep the thing at bay, but it’s gettin’ stronger every minute. I’m probably gonna need a hand here, maybe a few hands! Think you could spare a bit of time?

If I can, then I can guarantee I’m gonna return the favor. We’ll fight it together, and I’ll make sure it doesn’t lay a finger on you. I’ll tell you right now, though… I don’t think we’re gonna be able to just wrestle it down. It never even gets tired, or bruised… nothing! We’ve got help on the way, but you and me are just gonna be the line between it and them. If you’re the burly type, you’ll probably be able to tough it out a lot better than somebody who’s not. We just have to last long enough for the brainy types to do their thing.

We can talk more about actual exploration once we’ve got time! Ta, I appreciate it!

Howdy y’all.

We’ve got real big problem on our hands here so I’ll go an’ get straight to th’ point. I need you faster types to come give us some support out there. Lukey’s doin’ things his own way, but once that golem thing takes enough of a beatin’, it’s gonna fix its sights on some other targets, an’ that’s where we come in. We need t’ move that big varmint out to th’ edge of th’ city one way or another, an’ the more figurative Beedrills we have buzzin’ around its head, the less time it’s gonna spend smashin’ up buildings an’ citizens.

Anyway, all you need to do is try to get the big fella’s attention, then run. That’s it! Don’t let it near anybody from th’ other guilds, but don’t get caught yourself. If we can split its attacks between us, we can get this done without anyone gettin’ seriously hurt.

Last one there’s a rotten Chansey egg, yee-haw!


I’m admittedly relieved that we have aid in the form of volunteers. I had begun to fear that all our hopes would rest on the idea that a Swampert can match a living statue in physical strength. Not that I’m ungrateful for his selfless acts… more that I believe organic bodies wear down much more quickly than that of an apparent golem.

This is why we must step in, lest we allow our more headstrong comrades to get themselves killed. If you’re here listening to me, then you must realize that we need a more elaborate plan than to simply fight. Our guild has prepared several countermeasures specifically for this golem, but we need additional bodies and minds to put them to use. I do hope you will be those bodies and minds.

The first plan, overseen by my partner Solstice, is to see our equipment transported and assembled in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, we cannot move and activate a fully-assembled signal booster in time to be of any aid. It will have to be built on the field. Fortunately, we have a skilled engineer ready to accomplish this, but it will be up to you to deliver what he needs. The most physically-fit of you should expedite this process. He may also require your help in assembly, which I’m certain the more intelligent of you will feel right at home doing.

Of course, I realize some of you are still eager to engage the would-be statue. I still advise not to, but if you are so willing to get close to it, I have a very important task for you. Once the signal booster has been assembled, it should allow us to power at least one of our alchemic jammers at a long distance. This jammer will severely weaken the statue once applied to it, which should allow those who wish to physically deter it a much greater chance. I will allow our engineer, Flint, to explain this in more detail.

In aiding us, you must realize the importance of approaching all situations from a calm, intelligent perspective. Perhaps if you can help us settle all of this, we can discuss admission into our guild, if you’re interested. For now, there’s no time to discuss it. Hurry!

Yo, finally some help. I’m a bit TOO short to bring in all the equipment we need alone. Let me elaborate.

We’ve been studying the golem for a while, so we know how its body operates. He has two power sources: it’s “spirit core”, which rules its brain and allows him very slow, basic movement, and his “main engine”, which allows him to move at full power. The main engine cannot start itself, and requires a small energy input from the spirit core. Once the engine starts running, it will use up the energy in the golem’s battery to sustain itself, increasing its speed and outputting more power as it heats up! The more it heats up, the more dots in its face light up, and the stronger it becomes of course.

The generator we have to assemble will create an energy field. The remote devices we have to plant on the golem’s body will redirect the field, causing it to move against its engine and stall it, returning it to its powered.down state. As long as the machine remains on, the guardian statue will not be able to turn itself on, and therefore will pose no threat to the city. We need at least four remote units to be placed around the target’s body.

Sol will oversee the transportation of materials while I oversee the assembly. I’ve attached a list
of the pieces we need to bring here for convenience. Just make sure they make it safely  across the battlefield, and I’ll show you how to put it all together. Now, lets get it to!


Usually, the Hunters don’t let new people in to help, but this is an emergency! That big statue that almost killed me is gonna hurt others unless somebody does something! Everybody else is busy, so that’s what we’re gonna do. I need everybody who reads this to come help me get civilians out of here. Some of ‘em may even be trying to loot, but we’ve gotta get ‘em one way or another! A little smooth talk should get most of them to come with us, but we’d probably need some muscle to deal with a stubborn looter. Feh.

Anyway, I’m glad there’s so many of you to help! We’ll have everybody out of here in no ti--

What?! We’re not letting EVERYBODY only help you!

Listen up! There’s more to this than just pampering the helpless! They’ve got legs… well, most of ‘em, anyway. They’ll be fine with just some of you. The rest of us need to fight that big thing.

I know you’re gonna start thinkin’, “But Kara, it’ll stomp our poor little baby bodies into little baby pancakes!” Just calm down, alright? There’s a plan! If you came to the Hunters, then you know we’re a little… unconventional. That’s why we’re gonna… “help” the Explorers fight. It’ll probably give ‘em a little room to breathe. We’ve got something else to look out for, though. If you look up on that big thing’s shoulders, it’s pretty leafy around there, isn’t it? There’s a sorta weird-lookin’ sphere thing with weird markings, and I bet it’s in there. Don’t ask what it’s for, just try to swipe it in the chaos and get it back to me, for the guild’s sake. And don’t let ANY of the Researchers or Explorers see it, got that? Oh, and while you’re there, might as well bring back a few of the leaves too. We need them for uh...for a thing for the guild, just grab a handful. If you’re the strong or fast type, gettin’ up there should be a cinch.

You do all this, and you’ll be a shoe-in to join up with us. Eh… I guess the same can be said if you help the kid evacuate everybody. You’ll probably impress somebody just as much that way. It just won’t be me. Now, move it!


Assist only the guild your team intends to join! You may perform both tasks in each set if you have enough team members to do so. Solo teams may attempt both or collaborate with another team to get the job done. Bonus rewards will be revealed after the mission! You may also collaborate with other members in order to tackle the bonus paths if your Pokemon lack the stats, or combine stats from different members of your team together to form a total if they are going to work together on a single task.

The bonuses do count the entire total of your points, that includes type bonus.


Fight alongside Luke in order to weaken the rampaging Regigigas. Direct combat with the golem will be necessary, but the Researchers have revealed that it is only going to grow more powerful, so destroying it is out of the question. Once it’s been damaged enough it will begin to seek alternative targets.

Pokemon with a STRENGTH stat of 4+ will have an easier time withstanding Regigigas’s attacks and may attempt to perform a powerful combination attack of some kind with Luke’s assistance. Doing so will incur an additional reward. Alternatively a Pokemon with an INTELLIGENCE stat of 5 may find a way to use the environment to damage Regigigas.


Help Cassidy draw Regigigas towards the rendezvous point at the edge of town once it’s been weakened enough. Agility and quick reactions are necessary, as Regigigas is capable of launching a powerful Focus Blast at range. Try to avoid drawing unnecessary damage to the city buildings. You will need some way to keep Regigigas’s attention.

Pokemon with an AGILITY stat of 4+ can remain mobile enough to continuously disorient Regigigas’s targeting. Avoiding Regigigas’ attacks will run its energy reserves low and force it to resort to melee. Doing so will incur an additional reward. Alternatively, a Pokemon with a STRENGTH stat of 5 can attempt to draw direct fire to themselves as a distraction.


Gather up and calm down panicked civilians with Sundance, while also rescuing injured or unconscious Pokemon from burning buildings. Keeping the hysteria under control is of utmost priority and traumatised Pokemon must be dealt with firmly and patiently. Looters are to be accosted on sight once civilian lives are no longer at risk, and some may need to be dealt with forcibly.

Pokemon with a CHARISMA stat of 4+ will certainly have the people skills to convince some of the looters to change their tune and assist with the rescue efforts. Inspiring ex-looters and civilians to help instead of stealing or fleeing, respectively, will incur a bonus reward. Alternatively, Pokemon with a STRENGTH stat of 3+ and a CHARISMA stat of 2+ may attempt to intimidate looters instead, possibly involving force, to convince them to stop their looting.


Follow Kara’s orders and assault Regigigas directly, seek and secure an object of interest hidden within its leaves. Once the device has been found and secured, retreat quickly and quietly without arousing suspicion from either of the other guilds. She also would like a sample of the leaves growing on Regigigas’s shoulders.

Pokemon with an AGILITY stat of 3+ and a STRENGTH stat of 2+ will easily be able to scale Regigigas’s body to search for the object in its leaves. Retrieving the target object without being dislodged or noticed by anyone (other than Regigigas of course) while searching for it will incur a bonus reward. Alternatively a pokemon with a CHARISMA stat of 5 may attempt to convince unwary Explorers that they are on the same team, and that the target object is of no concern to them.


Supply Flint with the parts he needs and then help him construct a signal jamming device near the city outskirts. Parts will need to be carried across the field that separates the Andalusst Researcher HQ and the Western Branch’s Supply Depot in a timely manner, so Pokemon with strength and intelligence are valued for this task.

Pokemon with a STRENGTH stat of 2+ and an INTELLIGENCE stat of 3+ will be able to handle the workload while also having the know-how to assist with assembling the machine. Finding a way to carry everything on one trip and/or helping to put the machine together will incur an additional reward. Alternatively Pokemon with an INTELLIGENCE stat of 5 may try coming up with a way to improve on Flint’s original design.


Attach the signal receiver nodes to Regigigas’s body directly. Chelle will be overseeing this operation and will be providing her assistants with temporary cover while they search for an opening, but any mistake runs the risk of injury. A keen sense of judgement and fast reactions are required.

Pokemon with an AGILITY stat of 2+ and an INTELLIGENCE stat of 2+ may receive a bonus reward for attaching a receiver to one of Regigigas’s blind spots completely unnoticed. Alternatively, Pokemon with a CHARISMA stat of 2+ and an INTELLIGENCE stat of 3+ may impress Chelle enough to coax her into assisting with her Psychic abilities for a creative solution (remember your manners!).


PMDUnity is now officially open! This update took longer than planned to prepare, and there are still some small reference materials that will be added later as well as some asethetic touches, but for the time being feel free to get started.

EDIT: Reference materials are now located here.

Use your TEMP APPLICATIONS for this mission please, you will get to join the guild you assisted when this mission is over (real application forms will be released at this time.)

Remember to submit to the appropriate folders, which have just been opened. (season 1 mission 1 art and drawn respectively).

Thanks very much to :iconhaychel: for the guild leader icons.

This mission is no longer running. 12/01/2014
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chaincat33 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
"This mission is no longer running. 12/01/2014" well I guess that won't be stopping cailas any time soon
cailas-moon Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It just means it's no longer active (i.e. the deadline's passed). Members can still do it. X3
ZephyrLightningheart Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
aww no rewards.. ahaha thats ok. I'll still do the missions regardless. looking foward to the dungeon one. it's gonna be lots of fun.
cailas-moon Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The mission can still be done late. It'll still give star coins, and the bonus reward if bonus requirements are met.
ZephyrLightningheart Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
oh i see. for full amount of coins was ended at 12/1/14 and now its half the amount, correct?
cailas-moon Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
More or less, yes.
ZephyrLightningheart Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
Thank you for the clear up. 
MidnightRose1918 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
What Are The Rewards For Helping Any Of The Guilds Besides Joining Them?
cailas-moon Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You don't have to complete this mission to join a Guild. The rewards are listed on the M1 Conclusion journal.
MidnightRose1918 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ah Ok
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