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Getting Started

Welcome to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Unity!

Want to join the group? No problem! The group is always open, so people are more than welcome to join in whenever they like! Just hit the Join button, and you'll be automatically accepted.

New members should look over the journals listed below to learn more about how the group works:

Once that's out of the way, download one of the applications located in the References and Resources folder and begin filling it out with your team's details. Then, simply upload the application to your gallery and submit it to the corresponding Recruits folder as well as to the Andalusst Atlas, and you'll be ready to participate in the group's events. Good luck!

Affiliation Status: Closed

:bulletgreen: CURRENT STATUS :bulletgreen:

Edited March 1, 2015, 12:00 AM GMT-0

The Basalt Halls Dungeon is now over! Thank you to everyone who got their entries in on time!

A note for members: If your Dungeon entries are not on the Atlas yet, please submit them as soon as possible so we can properly tally up the Storehouse numbers! Depending on the results, we will hand out Star Coins and/or release some new accessories accordingly as soon as we're done checking entries.

Edited February 27, 2015, 11:36 PM GMT-0

A quick reminder that using PMDU as a platform to call out or otherwise harass a member you have personal issues with is not acceptable.

Anyone caught submitting entries for the sole purpose of chewing out another member will be looking at possible suspension. Members posting with backlash responses may also be looking at possible suspension, depending on the severity of the offense. Someone harassing someone else does NOT give you the right to harass them in return. Please keep dirty laundry out of the group, especially if the aim is hate mongering.

On that note, if you’re being harassed or bothered persistently by a PMDU member, please come to the IRC and talk to an admin, or send the group a note.

Edited February 3, 2015, 11:32 PM GMT-0

Attention, PMDU members! After some deliberation, we have decided to extend the Basalt Halls Dungeon event! The new deadline is now three weeks past the old, at February 28th, 11:59 PM GMT-0. This will give members a fair bit more time to work on their entries, so don't let it go to waste! Let's see some more great entries from our amazing community! Good luck, everyone!

Andalusst Atlas
Member submission to the Atlas is mandatory for group participation. This off-site database allows admins to check through member's submissions in a more organized manner while taking the load of keeping track of inventory off of members' shoulders.

The go-to place for members to locate all types of information related to the group. NPC profiles, location overviews, and past events can all be easily located here. However, being a Wiki, there will generally always be information needing to be added, so please bear with us as progress is made.

PMDU tumblr
This is where you'll find tidbits on upcoming content, extensive Q&A about the setting, and other things relating to PMDU's production.

PMDU chatroom (IRC): server - / channel - #pmdunity
Mibbit link

This is where the mods hang out. Got questions? Need help? Or just want to hang out with other members and talk? Then join us on the PMDU IRC

:bulletgreen: Current Story :bulletgreen:

A Path to the Desert (Page 1 here)
A Path To The Desert Page 19 - final by ChillySunDance

Latest update: Page 19 (FINAL), Nov. 28


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Countdown ended
Saturday, February 28th @ 3:59pm

The deadline for Dungeon 1 has passed! Thank you all who got your submissions in on time.
Chobin here! Bet you'd forgotten about me, huh? Well, with the closing of dungeons, I'd like to take advantage of the break time to make an announcement and ask you all some questions. First up, the announcement!

I'm excited to say that I'll be writing story content for the group from now on. I'm still in the process of thinking out how I want it all to play out, however. And to be perfectly clear, I won't be taking over as a whole. What I'll be doing is writing basically sidestory shenanigans; helping to cover lore, expanding upon locations, introducing a few of my own characters and sharing their story, etc. I'll be using the main story characters very little where I can help it. Due to the varying time zones of much of our administration I want to use their characters as little as possible to avoid delays over simple things such as an answer to a question or how their character might react to something. Being important characters, of course, they will still have their appearances.

As a semi-important note, I am not much of an artist. I'm primarily a writer. So I'm afraid that if reading isn't your thing or you just don't have the time for it my prompts may not appeal to you so well. If I've got the time I may attempt to put together something a little more visually appealing, or may attempt to collaborate with someone, but don't get your hopes too high for that.

As for the questions I wanted to ask; what would you all like to see? What would you all like to know more about, or see more of? Pokemon species you think need more spotlight, locations, and what kinds of non-Guild organizations you think would be interesting to see. What do you want to see most, and what do you think would be the best way to help build the world up in an appealing way? Action? Story? Lore? Day to day events? On a related note, what kinds of rewards do you think these prompts should offer? The usual star coins? Maybe team altering vouchers for some of the more involved ones, or maybe accessories? Keep in mind that not every reward is going to be unique. Some may be special, some may be regular store items, some may just be pre-customized store items. Like 'Sundance's Coat' or 'Luke's Gloves', for example. Should these even be prompts with rewards and things? Or would you all be fine with them just staying as fun to read stories?

On a final note, I'd like to say that, while I am volunteering to do this, I still do have a busy schedule. 12 hour work nights don't leave me with a lot of time to do much else but get ready for bed. And much as I'd like to, I can't really devote every minute of my days off to writing, either. Not to mention days I'd get called in for over-time. I will try to get some writing and planning in while at work, but it'll be slow going there.

With all that said, please leave a comment! I'll read through them all whenever I get the chance. Anything you've got to say is very important, as it'll be you guys who'll be determining what I'll be writing and how I'll be doing it. So fire away! If you've got any suggestions or questions of your own, feel free to say so and I'll try to get to you as soon as possible.


Hey, Durkasao here with two quick general things:

1. Related to some of the questions Chobin is asking above, we would like to know what you think of the different events PMDU has had so far. Which particular errands, tasks, or objectives in missions did you find the most fun? Which didn't you find fun? What would you like to see in the future? You can note me, Durkasao, or comment on my page.

2. If it's not obvious, they way we've been checking logbooks for a while now is ... slow. Checking every single submission is really inefficient and not really the best use of the Atlas. Going forward, we will likely be switching at least errand and task-type submissions to be accepted automatically. We still encourage people to do the best job they can on those events, though, and remember that you can always ask on DA or the IRC if you're unsure about an objective.

Speaking of checking the Atlas, we're working on getting dungeon submissions done. There have been a few real life hitches (there always are), but we'll try to finish it up soon and hopefully add some new stuff to the shop!

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