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Getting Started

Welcome to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Unity!

Want to join the group? No problem! The group is always open, so people are more than welcome to join in whenever they like! Just hit the Join button, and you'll be automatically accepted.

New members should look over the journals listed below to learn more about how the group works:

Once that's out of the way, download one of the applications located in the References and Resources folder and begin filling it out with your team's details. Then, simply upload the application to your gallery and submit it to the corresponding Recruits folder as well as to the Andalusst Atlas, and you'll be ready to participate in the group's events. Good luck!

Affiliation Status: Closed

:bulletgreen: CURRENT STATUS :bulletgreen:

Edited March 1, 2015, 12:00 AM GMT-0

The Basalt Halls Dungeon is now over! Thank you to everyone who got their entries in on time!

A note for members: If your Dungeon entries are not on the Atlas yet, please submit them as soon as possible so we can properly tally up the Storehouse numbers! Depending on the results, we will hand out Star Coins and/or release some new accessories accordingly as soon as we're done checking entries.

Edited February 27, 2015, 11:36 PM GMT-0

A quick reminder that using PMDU as a platform to call out or otherwise harass a member you have personal issues with is not acceptable.

Anyone caught submitting entries for the sole purpose of chewing out another member will be looking at possible suspension. Members posting with backlash responses may also be looking at possible suspension, depending on the severity of the offense. Someone harassing someone else does NOT give you the right to harass them in return. Please keep dirty laundry out of the group, especially if the aim is hate mongering.

On that note, if you’re being harassed or bothered persistently by a PMDU member, please come to the IRC and talk to an admin, or send the group a note.

Edited February 3, 2015, 11:32 PM GMT-0

Attention, PMDU members! After some deliberation, we have decided to extend the Basalt Halls Dungeon event! The new deadline is now three weeks past the old, at February 28th, 11:59 PM GMT-0. This will give members a fair bit more time to work on their entries, so don't let it go to waste! Let's see some more great entries from our amazing community! Good luck, everyone!

Andalusst Atlas
Member submission to the Atlas is mandatory for group participation. This off-site database allows admins to check through member's submissions in a more organized manner while taking the load of keeping track of inventory off of members' shoulders.

The go-to place for members to locate all types of information related to the group. NPC profiles, location overviews, and past events can all be easily located here. However, being a Wiki, there will generally always be information needing to be added, so please bear with us as progress is made.

PMDU tumblr
This is where you'll find tidbits on upcoming content, extensive Q&A about the setting, and other things relating to PMDU's production.

PMDU chatroom (IRC): server - / channel - #pmdunity
Mibbit link

This is where the mods hang out. Got questions? Need help? Or just want to hang out with other members and talk? Then join us on the PMDU IRC

:bulletgreen: Current Story :bulletgreen:

A Path to the Desert (Page 1 here)
A Path To The Desert Page 19 - final by ChillySunDance

Latest update: Page 19 (FINAL), Nov. 28


Group Leader


Guild Admins


Guild Helpers




Countdown ended
Saturday, February 28th @ 3:59pm

The deadline for Dungeon 1 has passed! Thank you all who got your submissions in on time.

Adventurers, I am Dungeon Master Illuminator. I've always found my title to be... pretentious. It makes it sound as if I own these dungeons, or have perfected a route through them. No, both of these goals are impossible for any one Pokémon to achieve. Dungeons cannot be mastered... Tamed perhaps, exploited, but never are they truly under our control.

I have worked with all three predominant guilds in Andalusst in dungeon exploration for some time now, and although I'm not a native to your city, this place is special, I feel, and my travels continue to bring me back here. At the request of the Guild Leaders, I will be assisting in this expedition. My main objective is to keep the less experienced guild members safe.

Safe from what? Hmph, you will understand when you're more experienced. For now, a brief overview of our plan of attack. Your Guild Leaders will be giving you your Guild-unique objectives separately.

Many of you may never have set foot inside an uncharted dungeon before. Perhaps you came through the fog and found yourself in Andalusst. Perhaps you just grew up here, and never had a reason to leave the city. This will be a good introduction to dungeoneering for the new and eager.

Dungeons are not necessarily always caves or caverns. They can take on various forms, and each comes with its own set of rules, perils, and patterns. They ignore the fog that shrouds our lands, allowing us to travel to distant places in a reliable manner, providing that we can solve the dungeon's puzzle and find the correct exit with some degree of reliability. For these reasons, finding safe dungeon paths nearby is a top priority for Pokémon settlements everywhere. Without these dungeons, we would be isolated within little pockets of fog, oblivious to the larger world around us.

You must keep in mind that every time you enter a dungeon floor, the layout will likely change. The impossible space within these dungeons ensures that one can't just simply make a map, but what we can do is try to understand the logic behind what we find, take note of recurring patterns, and use this to piece together a set of rules to follow.

Even if you leave a room through the same exit as one of your teammates, you might not find yourself in the same room as them when you reach your destination. I would strongly suggest you stick together, but it will be possible to encounter other adventurers. You won't be going in alone, and if you find yourselves in danger, there is always hope for you to be rescued either by myself or by Guild members.

The dungeon we will be exploring this time is, for the most part, harmless. There are still plenty of ways to get yourself injured, but the exit always appears somewhere within the first floor, so it shouldn't be too hard to get out once you're inside. Proceed with caution, but don't be afraid to satisfy your curiosities either. That said, the second floor of this dungeon is strictly off limits until we know more about it.

And now a representative of the Explorers Guild would like to have a word with you all. Be safe.

Uh, hi. I'm Teresa, Guild Helper and Resource Manager of the Explorers Guild. Those of you who ran that errand for me will all know this, but it's super important, and I'm gonna repeat myself just for the sake of those who didn't participate last time.

Look, one of the main reasons we go into these dungeons, apart from traveling places of course, is to gather resources. They might be dangerous, but dungeons are a constant source of food and materials. They're a huge part of the reason why we can live together the way we do without having to butcher each other for meat or territory.

I just wanted to let you all know that gathering resources isn't just a job for the Explorers. Regardless of what Guild you're actually in, you're totally free to donate any of your findings toward the Andalusst stockpile, where it'll be used to feed and clothe our citizens, and even to pool towards special community projects.

Sure, dungeon floors shift about and other annoying stuff like that, but because rooms remain consistent, it's not too hard to set up farms on easier floors. If you plant a bunch of crops there, you just have to find that particular room again and you can harvest them just fine. Renewable resources! Nature's bounty! I'm getting really excited just thinking about it, sorry.

Anyway, we're not going to be planting farms just yet, but please do pick up any resources you find and bring them in for evaluation. You'll get your rewards, long and short term, and I mean come on? Who doesn't enjoy yanking a big Meatroot out of the ground by its tail?

Okay, I've taken up enough of your time. Head to your respective Guilds for briefing. Go go go!

HOLD IT! Before you go, there's something important that's come up which needs immediate attention! Due to... unforeseen circumstances, a party of Pokémon may be preparing to block our progress through this dungeon. We don't know a whole lot about what's going on, but this guy, right here -

This Whiscash claims that by entering the dungeon, we're intruding on his territory. We're going to try to deal with this as peacefully as possible, of course, but for the time being, please be very careful! Andalusst was dropped into the earth once before by Whiscash earthquakes in the past, the old city... so let's try not to provoke them too much. I don't mean you should let them bother you; if they attack, defend yourselves or call for assistance of course, but let's not do anything rash. For those of you who have trouble with battling, try not to go off alone.

Thank you, and let's hope these threats are as empty as they seem.


DUNGEON DEADLINE: February 7th, 11:59 PM GMT-0

The dungeon has been EXTENDED! The deadline is now: February 28th, 11:59 PM GMT-0

The dungeon deadline has now passed! Thank you to everyone who got their entries in on time!

Hello again, everyone! Quite an update we have here, which means we have a fair few things to cover. This section covers information across both this journal as well as the individual Guild journals, so make sure you read through everything carefully!

First off, as some of you may have noticed, the Atlas has recently received three new tabs at the top of the site: Dungeons; Locations, which now contains the Shop and the Atlas Storehouse; and a special third one we'll get to in a bit.

Dungeons: This tab is where members will go to receive their team's randomized dungeon layout. The dungeon map takes up the majority of the page, and is also accompanied by a Legend at the top right that tells members what each sprite is supposed to mean, as a basic categorization ("Enemy", "Door", "Trap," etc.). To get more detailed information, members can click on any tile present on the map to learn more about them. For most tiles, clicking will generate a title, icon, and a brief description, all of which will display to the right of the map itself.

Each map should have a certain number of entities present, whether they're Traps, Resources, or Enemies. Each room on the map will have a special Phenomenon present within, as well, which affects the entire area rather than a single icon. Members can click on any tile in any given room that isn't already taken up by an entity, and the room's Phenomenon will appear in the same location as the standard description.

Once members receive their map, to complete the event they'll tell the story of their team making their way through their individual map and participating in the above objectives. While the map sets up the basics for your trip through the dungeon, members are by no means required to stick to solely what's displayed on the Dungeon window. For example, while we have doors and short entryways on our maps, members are more than welcome to include the long halls from the PMD games if they would prefer, as well as interpret other parts of the dungeon however they like. Members are also free to add things to their story that may not be present on the map, the same as any other event. Be creative, and have fun with your dungeon!

If there is something wrong with a dungeon map—for example, a room with no way in or out—members can randomize a new map by clicking My dungeon map is invalid! at the bottom right of the Dungeon page. Note that members should NOT re-roll their dungeon result if they're simply unsatisfied with the layout or number of entities; members should only use it to correct errors until a stable map is achieved. As a note, checkered tiles are not errors; if your dungeon happens to have one of these, simply report it via group comment/note and include the link to your dungeon map.

Collaborations are allowed for this event! Members are more than welcome to team up and tackle a the same dungeon map together, as well as work together to complete objectives as usual. However, Logbook submissions for collabs are a bit different for this event. If two teams collaborate, members MUST be sure to include that dungeon map's ID when you go to submit to your team Logbooks!

Logbook submission is now enabled. Please review THIS TUTORIAL before submitting your entries.

Dungeons also have their own FAQ page on the Atlas, so if you have questions, please make sure you look over the guidelines here and the answers on the FAQ before asking the group!

Resources: The items that Teresa discussed above and during Errand 12 will be able to be collected by members, both in-story as they participate in the event, as well as on the Atlas. When you submit the link for your Dungeon entry to the team's Logbook, you will be able to choose which resources you collected from your dungeon trip and want to take, so they can be collected and put toward the Storehouse.

As member events are verified, the gauge will increase based on how many members are collecting which resources, and if the gauge is filled by the time the deadline hits, the listed goal will be unlocked for members to receive. If a resource appears on your map (for example, you get one Spoolstone tile), you are not limited to just one! If a resource appears, you can potentially take multiple of that resource out of the dungeon, no matter how many resource tiles for that item you actually get in your dungeon.

Members may only take up to three Resources out of the dungeon, so choose wisely! Late entries also will not affect the gauges, so get your entries in before the deadline!

Finally, we also have two other updates accompanying Dungeons:

First, the Accessory/Customization system has received a slight revamp. Template items now cost 3 Star Coins instead of 5, while customization slots, previously 5 St. as well, now cost 2 St. each. This is effective immediately, and refunds for anyone having already purchased accessories or customization via Star Coins will be handed out on the Atlas shortly. Updates to the Atlas Shop and the Wear n' Flair/customization deviations will also be made soon.

Also, remember that third Atlas tab we mentioned earlier? Well, we're happy to report that the long-awaited PMDU Wiki is now publicly available, and can be located on the Atlas as well as in the Getting Started section on the group page. Members can finally locate various pieces of information with ease, such as the listings for past events (including Errands!), what rewards have been released, and what characters have appeared in-story thus far. Notably, members can also look up NPC movesets for the newly-introduced characters, such as Lumen and Wussy.

And last but most certainly not least...


:iconchillysundance: for character writing and Reuben's portrait.

:iconhaychel: and :iconteamnerium: for the main character icons.

:iconcrazyiguana: for Gavina's charcoal drawing and the enemy portrait icons.

:icondrakonekoshi: for the Basalt Cave splash image, dungeon tileset, and tile preview icons.

:iconpsychictype:, :iconjasonrdt:, and :icondurkasao: for work on many parts of the Wiki.

And of course, :icondr-dos: for making this entire dungeon setup possible.

Thank you so much for all your hard work!

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If we made a team after the dungeon deadline do we have to show them going through the dungeon for them to do things in Geoda?
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No; all events are entirely optional.
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I was looking at the logbook statistics and I noticed something that I'm a little curious about.  At the very top are Original/Personal Story submissions.  Does that mean that they need to be checked over by an admin?  I guess I just figured that since they don't qualify for any rewards they wouldn't have to be checked over.  Not that it really matters, I was just curious XD (I also noticed none of them have been checked, so either they aren't actually checked or they're just lowest priority, right?)
cailas-moon Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
The Logbooks stats page only counts entries that have been verified/rejected by a mod. None of the personal stories are - they're accepted automatically - so they show up as having 0% verified.
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Nothing like that will be sold in-canon, so you just buy it in-story. That's all fine since it's personal story-related. Do note that if you have rich characters, this won't be affecting your team's actual Star Coin count.
Raven-Kane Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Out of storyline curiosity, could a Poochyena display Aura-like abilities (not for attacks or anything, just personal story) if his grandfather/great grandfather/distant relative was a Lucario? Like a rare recessive trait that lie dormant in his parents and other relatives, but it present in him?
cailas-moon Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
For personal stories, sure, as long as it's kept to a moderate level. Riolu and Lucario are the only species that have a meaningful grasp of aura, so other species shouldn't be able to do too much with it unless a Pokedex entry gives them that sort of ability.
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