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Getting Started

Welcome to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Unity!

Want to join the group? No problem! The group is always open, so people are more than welcome to join in whenever they like! Just hit the Join button, and you'll be automatically accepted.

New members should look over the journals listed below to learn more about how the group works:

New Member Guide
Submission Guidelines

Once that's out of the way, download one of the applications located in the References and Resources folder and begin filling it out with your team's details. Then, simply upload the application to your gallery and submit it to the corresponding Recruits folder as well as to the Andalusst Atlas, and you'll be ready to participate in the group's events. Good luck!

Affiliation Status: Closed

:bulletgreen: CURRENT STATUS :bulletgreen:

Edited September 4, 6:42 PM GMT-0

By now I'm sure some of you have noticed the next event isn't out yet. It is currently in progress, but due to some unforeseen circumstances it's unfortunately been pushed back a few days. Despite that, the admin team is working to get the next event out quickly (spoiler: it's not an Errand). In the meantime, we thank all of you for your continued patience with PMDU~

Also, for those that aren't currently aware, Dungeons have received quite a bit of progress, and the status of them can be seen here. They are currently estimated for September 12th, but may be pushed back due to how long everyone wants the upcoming event to run.

Edited August 30, 12:00 AM GMT-0

Errand 10 is now over! Everyone that got their entries in will have them checked on the Atlas shortly. If you haven't yet submitted to the Atlas (or created your team there), please do so as soon as you can. Thank you!

Edited August 26, 11:42 PM GMT-0

If you notice objects on the group page moving around, don't worry; the admins are currently working on making the page a bit less chaotic and a bit more presentable. We'll try to wrap things up quickly~

EDIT: Changes are done for now!

Edited August 25, 5:00 PM GMT-0

Errand 10 has begun! Please submit your entries to the Season 1 Tasks and Errands folders!

Please make sure your entries go to the correct folders! The Tasks and Errands folder has been split into Art and Writing, so please make sure your submissions go to the folder of the same medium!

Andalusst Atlas
Member submission to the Atlas is mandatory for group participation. This off-site database allows admins to check through member's submissions in a more organized manner while taking the load of keeping track of inventory off of members' shoulders.

PMDU tumblr
This is where you'll find tidbits on upcoming content, extensive Q&A about the setting, and other things relating to PMDU's production.

PMDU chatroom (IRC): server - / channel - #pmdunity
Mibbit link

This is where the mods hang out. Got questions? Need help? Or just want to hang out with other members and talk? Then join us on the PMDU IRC

:bulletgreen: Current Story :bulletgreen:

A Path to the Desert (Page 1 here)
A Path To The Desert Page 12 by ChillySunDance

Latest update: Page 12, Sept. 12


Group Leader


Guild Admins


Guild Helpers



Countdown to ERRAND #10 DEADLINE

Countdown ended
Friday, August 29th @ 4:59pm

The deadline for Errand #10 has passed! Thank you all who got your submission in on time.

Errand 10 [DONE]

Fri Aug 29, 2014, 4:59 PM by ChillySunDance:iconchillysundance:
Client: Cuffin
Errand: #10
Date Issued: August 25, 2014
Date Due: August 29, 2014

Wow, is everyone gettin' their fur all up in a bunch over this or what? All the runnin' around and organizin', a bunch'a goons trippin' over themselves tryin' to load goods... A lot of these carts ain't in the best'a conditions and some needed to have repairs, so I bet it's a real pain makin' sure they're in tip-top shape for the trip on top of everythin' else. I figure why not give 'em a hand and, ah... stress test 'em to make sure they're ready for the road.

So I managed to borrow a couple of the carts some of you recruited to help with their little expedition. We're gonna have ourselves a little back-alley race. Don't worry, we ain't keepin' 'em. Just don't be too rough with 'em. Wouldn't want them to break down in the middle of the dungeon with all their goods, would we? That'd be bad for business, after all.

The more the merrier, as they say, so invite whatever delightful folk it is you hang out with. Just try not to let certain uptight individuals overhear. It'd be a shame if somebody came by and broke up all the fun. You'll have an advantage if ya can pull the cart yourself, but feel free to use whatever moves you've got to give yourself an edge over the competition. Just remember we wanna keep the carts, and everyone else, intact. We wanna keep it fair, too, so no more than three to a cart. One puller and two defenders, I s'pose you could call 'em. No flyin' over or teleportin' around buildings, though. Gotta keep to the street. I'm thinkin' we'll start the race somewhere around that big ol' tower in the center of the city and end it on the outskirts, near that forest place where they found the dungeon. Subseed, right? Don't worry too much about takin' the carts back when you're done. I'm sure someone'll see 'em.

Now I didn't really peg ya as the type who needed to be paid for a good time, but there's one Star Coin in it for ya as an added incentive to show up and participate.

See ya there. Oh and, uh... don't get spotted.

Please post completed Errands into the appropriate Tasks and Errands group folder. Make sure to copy all of the bold text next to the NPC icon and place it in the submission description, along with links to the official applications of participating teams. This will allow the admins and mods to easily keep tabs on who did what and when.

The folder will be locked at 11:59 PM August 29th, GMT-0. Make sure you have your entries/placeholders in before then!

A few reminders:

:bulletblack: Teams need an official application in order to participate. Please make sure you have one filled out for your team so you can claim the reward!

:bulletblack: The group does accept placeholders for Errands, but keep in mind that the placeholders must still be substantial enough to complete the Errand on its own. Even a rough draft or a quick sketch is good, so long as the moderators can tell that the Errand objective is met.

:bulletblack: The Errand information, i.e. the bold text next to the NPC icon giving the number and dates, needs to be present in the description for every part of your Errand, as well as the link(s) to the participating team(s).

:bulletblack: Errands that do not meet the above requirements after an allotted period of time will be removed, and the team will then be ineligible for that Errand's reward. If your team still needs to meet one of the requirements, please make sure to make the necessary changes as soon as you can! For Errand completion/placeholders and the submission of an official application, members have until the Errand deadline. For additions to the description, members have the same week as applications, which starts from the time the first moderator comments.

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Grimzonee Featured By Owner Edited 6 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excuse me, I'm planning to join this group and all, read all the journals I needed, but I've heard there is this great fog which I did not see too much of in the journals. Is there a place where I can find the details of it?

Along with that, I'm wondering; according to the PMDU- Andalusst pciture ( the city seems to have lots of space/green between the houses, thus making it look like it has lots of farmers. (And then the sentence I saw where one of Andalusst's main trading sources was berries made even more sense) But when I see all the member's works it seems like it is very city-like. I just want to know how I'll eventually draw it, etc.

Might be coming more, thanks!
Awesome group btw, really like how it's progressing c:
cailas-moon Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
The fog is mostly explained in-story and on the tumblr. tl;dr, the fog covers the majority of Parai, and Pokemon that wander into it tend to lose a portion of their memories short-term (getting worse the longer you're in it). The fog can warp Pokemon to another location, and time traveled through it tends to vary (a few steps could amount to an hour, or even a month or more for pocket time). Fog is kept at bay by beacons, and cannot be completely removed by Defog or other means.

Andalusst is equivalent to one of our towns. There will be more space near the outer edges, and less as you get further into the city. Every member has their own interpretation of it, so go with whatever you'd like.
Grimzonee Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhhhh, thank you for clearing that up! Also, do you think a fire can survive in the fog? If there for example could be a forest fire? Cause like, if not, fire pokemon would have a little problem hehe. Aso dungeons.... I heard something about those too. What is the thing about them?

Ok. That's nice! I'll try my best then! :>
cailas-moon Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist General Artist
There'd be oxygen of course, so fire could breathe once it's actually there, but as for if it could naturally start, I'm not sure. Due to the humidity I'd think natural fires would be very rare - likely only appearing as the result of a lightning strike or something - but I don't think it would hinder Fire-types or Fire-type attacks.

Dungeons are essentially what they are in the PMD games; locations where the surroundings are never the same thing twice and may contain strange treasures and hidden dangers. They've been mentioned a few times in-story (the cast was given information on a new dungeon by Regigigas at the end of M1), but we're getting close to explaining them in greater detail with the current comic. When the Dungeon objectives roll out, members will be getting their own personal randomized dungeons to explore via the Atlas, and will base their submissions around these maps.

Story-wise, Dungeons are pretty much the only thing close to a reliable method of travel to other fog-free pockets, as it circumvents the fog and its effects. Trade is conducted almost solely through safe dungeon routes, with the first floors being safest and later ones becoming more dangerous. Rare materials and plants can be found in dungeons, notably meatroots and fleshcaps (meat substitutes for carnivores, as eating actual meat is considered taboo), so they're very important to keeping the peace and allowing progress to continue.
galacticpink Featured By Owner Edited 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are heavy scars allowed? I've got a reason on her app listed in backstory but I wanted to know if I should tone it down.

EDIT: Actually let's make this easier on you here's the sketch of the reference for the scars I would also be submitting as her cloak conceals most of them:
cailas-moon Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
This is just fine, yep~ Thanks for the ref, it's very helpful when members have this sort of thing ready to go. ^u^
galacticpink Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It occurred to me that it just might make it easier to approve or disapprove. XD

Thanks! :D
galacticpink Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OKAY I'M TOTALLY GOING TO GIVE THIS GROUP ONE MORE TRY. I have a horrible history of dropping the ball with PMD groups gosh
GummiChameleon Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
Hello hello! A couple more questions:
Can I have a collab team with someone who is not on deviantart? And their character comes from a family with pangoro lineage, so with genetics in mind would this design be okay?…

 thank you in advance!
cailas-moon Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
As cool as that design is, Pokemon designs need to stick close to canon coloration and body styles, so I'm afraid you couldn't go quite this far. For example, a larger ruff of feathers around the neck would be perfectly acceptable, but it would need Hawlucha colors, not Pangoro.

And I'm afraid collab partners need to be here on dA, since this is where the group actively conducts activities. It also allows us to contact them more easily should the need ever arise.
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