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Getting Started

Welcome to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Unity!

Want to join the group? No problem! The group is always open, so people are more than welcome to join in whenever they like! Just hit the Join button, and you'll be automatically accepted.

New members should look over the journals listed below to learn more about how the group works:

New Member Guide
Submission Guidelines

Once that's out of the way, download one of the applications located in the References and Resources folder and begin filling it out with your team's details. Then, simply upload the application to your gallery and submit it to the corresponding Recruits folder as well as to the Andalusst Atlas, and you'll be ready to participate in the group's events. Good luck!

Affiliation Status: Closed

:bulletgreen: CURRENT STATUS :bulletgreen:

Edited November 19, 12:02 AM GMT-0

Errand 12 is now over! Thank you to everyone who got their entries in on time!

Now, over the past couple days the Atlas has been having some issue where no one can make any changes, not even the admins. Members should go ahead and submit their Errands if they can, but unfortunately it may be a couple days before they can be verified. Please note the group if you are having any trouble submitting anything to your Logbooks. Thank you!

Edited November 12, 11:54 PM GMT-0

Errand 12 has begun! Please submit your Errands to the Tasks and Errands folder of the respective medium and to the Double Distribution slot on the Andalusst Atlas.

Do note the Errand information and the team's primary app (the one shown on the team's Atlas overview) no longer need to be present in the description. HOWEVER: If members submit an entry for a medium that's different than their primary app, they will still need to link that alternate/secondary app in the description.

Edited November 7, 12:14 AM GMT-0

The Frosty Festivities winners have been decided! Congratulations to all winners, and a big thank you to everyone who participated. There were so many amazing entries to consider, and we hope the rest of the group enjoys them as much as the judges did!

Andalusst Atlas
Member submission to the Atlas is mandatory for group participation. This off-site database allows admins to check through member's submissions in a more organized manner while taking the load of keeping track of inventory off of members' shoulders.

PMDU tumblr
This is where you'll find tidbits on upcoming content, extensive Q&A about the setting, and other things relating to PMDU's production.

PMDU chatroom (IRC): server - / channel - #pmdunity
Mibbit link

This is where the mods hang out. Got questions? Need help? Or just want to hang out with other members and talk? Then join us on the PMDU IRC

:bulletgreen: Current Story :bulletgreen:

A Path to the Desert (Page 1 here)
A Path To The Desert Page 16 by ChillySunDance

Latest update: Page 16, Nov. 15


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Countdown to ERRAND 12 DEADLINE

Countdown ended
Tuesday, November 18th @ 3:59pm

The deadline for Errand 12 has passed! Thank you all who got your submissions in on time.

Errand 12 [COMPLETE]

Tue Nov 18, 2014, 3:59 PM by ChillySunDance:iconchillysundance:
Client: Teresa
Errand: #12
Date Issued: November 13, 2014
Date Due: November 18, 2014

Errand 12 is now over!

Hey there. I think I've met some of you before, but, uh, if I haven't, I'm Guild Assistant Teresa of the Explorers. I need some help with a bit of a personnel problem.

I've got a bunch of guild supplies that need to be distributed pronto, but I’m a bit short-vined this week. Most of our regular crew are busy preparing for the dungeon expedition, which we definitely need, since our stocks of, well, everything are running low. It’s kind of ironic.

The big job is an order of spoolstone that needs to be delivered to Wear n' Flair. If you've never seen raw spoolstone, it's amazing stuff—it looks like a rock, but it’s made of these fluffy threads. You can copy just about any kind of fabric with it, and it’s great for customizing clothes. And you can only find it in dungeons. Cool, huh?

Anyway, Chantelle ordered a cartload of it and she’ll be furious if it's late, so you’ll need to hurry. But make sure that she buys it at the highest price possible. We’re often a bit short on cash, and if I know Chantelle the way I do, she just loves to haggle. Don’t let her pull the wool over your eyes... err, figuratively speaking. Haggle right back and don’t let go until she buys it for a good price!

If you don’t want to deal with Chantelle—and I don’t blame you—I also need some help tending the Guild’s food stands at the street markets around town. Carnivorous Pokémon can come by and pick up free packages of meatroot or fleshcaps. Just remember, only one package per Pokémon, so keep an eye out for cheats.

Anyone who helps out will get 1 Star Coin for their time, assuming Luke hasn't spent half our budget again.

Please post completed Errands into the appropriate Tasks and Errands group folder for the corresponding medium, and to the Double Distribution slot on the Andalusst Atlas.

The folder will be locked at 11:59 PM November 18th, GMT-0. Make sure you have your entries in the group before then!

Resource icons by :icondrakonekoshi: and Teresa icon by :iconteamnerium:.

NOTE: The expanding section below has received an update. Please be sure to read everything so you don't miss anything important!

A few reminders:

:bulletblack: Teams need an official application in order to participate. Please make sure you have one filled out for your team so you can claim the reward!

:bulletblack: Linking your primary application in the description is no longer necessary. HOWEVER: If you submit an Errand that is NOT the same medium of the primary app on the Atlas (the one that shows up first on the team's Overview), please link your secondary/alternate app in the description. For example, if a team's primary application is art and you submit a written entry, you need to link the team's official written application in the description.

:bulletblack: The group does accept placeholders for Errands, but keep in mind that a placeholder must still be substantial enough to complete the Errand on its own! Even a rough draft or a quick sketch is good, so long as the moderators can tell that the team(s) involved is completing the Errand objective.

:bulletblack: To receive credit for an entry, a team must be completing the objective. If they are present but not actively contributing, that is a cameo, and it is not eligible for the Errand reward.

:bulletblack: If an Errand receives a moderator note about ineligibility, members have until the Errand deadline to make any necessary changes if they want the reward. Errands that do not meet the above requirements after this period of time are considered ineligible for the reward and will be removed from the group. Should a member wish to submit a late Errand, it should be submitted to the Arc 1 Late Entries folder.

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Pfaccioxx Featured By Owner 6 hours ago   General Artist
now that the frosty festivals are over and judging is complete are members allowed to edit there entry's or finish unfinished entry's without worrying about getting in trouble for doing so?
cailas-moon Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, members have been able to make edits ever since the results went up. There's no reason to restrict that now.
ElementArraEevee518 Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
Just wondering, can I create a meme 
cailas-moon Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Go right ahead. If you want to submit it to the group as a PMDU blank, though, you need to make sure it follows the meme guidelines. They're located on both Submission Guidelines and in the Blank Memes folder itself.
ElementArraEevee518 Featured By Owner 17 minutes ago  Hobbyist Artist
Ok thanks
word-chaser Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Hey there!
So, I have a bit of a question if it's no problem - namely, in regards with what we can do with accessory customization. I believe I saw a mod comment on the Accessory Customization Template page approving someone's idea to turn an armband into a belt, but since we get two armbands for free I was wondering if I could turn one of them into a neck-guard and the other into some sort of utility belt?
Eitherway, thanks in advance for the help!

HerrAwesomeness Featured By Owner 1 day ago

Are there sailors in Parai? (how about pirates?)
Cause I was thinking of making my character a captain (or a retired captain since I dont know if he'd have enough time to be sailing that much when he joins the explorers) of a vessel 
that transports cargo and pokemon in and out of andalusst, if that's okay

And what kind of boats are there? (if there are boats that is)
Are there motors for them or do they have to settle for good old wind powered boats

Also if I decide to do an errand thats already past it's deadline do I put them in personal stories instead of the errands folder?

galaxypuppyelectric Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
Hey, sorry im new here but i submitted my written app and errand 12 and its not Verified or accepted, its very confused and i dont know i can reclaim The reward without The accepted right?
cailas-moon Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, you'll have to wait for events to be verified on the Atlas before putting rewards on your application.

As long as the event was submitted to the group before the event deadline, though, your eligibility for the reward should remain, no matter how long the event takes to verify.
galaxypuppyelectric Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  New member
Oh okay
Thank you so much for The information
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